Why are internships important?

Internships for college students

There are many internship opportunities available for college students and a wide variety of resources available for the best places to find them. One of the best places to begin to searching for internships is with the Career Services Office at DU Placements. Career counselors can offer college students a variety of tips on places to find internships, especially if students are looking to work in a specific location or career field.
Since relevant work experience is one of the key qualifications companies look for when comparing candidates for a job or internship, completing several internships during college greatly increases the chances of being selected for a job after graduation. Even though college students learn the knowledge required for succeeding in a specific career through their college courses and curriculum, internships are one of the best ways to develop the required skills necessary to gain the experience required to be successful in the field.

Importance of internships

The importance for internships has grown over time as the competition has grown for good jobs. Most employers prefer students who have done atleast 2 internships during their college. This gives them the comfort that the students understand the culture and importance of work life.

In our survey conducted over 1000 companies, 85% said that they would prefer students with internships than other wise.


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