Internship: Hear it come alive through different people

This is what internship means to people (to the intelligent and to the fool):

A college student; 19yrs.
Discipline- (H), Delhi

I was working with a marketing company. They were ‘weird’ (Mark his words). A host of punctual people obsessed with work, bad sense of humor, worse dressing sense and the worst of all- their daily routine of work totally sucked. Yet I continued (Is he mad?). You know why? Because only those aliens acquainted me to a world I had thought am a miss-fit otherwise. I learnt so much. So damn much (Sigh, alright).

My neighbor; 37 yrs.
Profession- Doctor

Oh don’t you remind me of those days. Let me inform you that waking up every morning with the shrill of the alarm clock just in order to rush to the hospital can cause serious mental injury to one. But I confronted it and now left with post traumatic stress disorder (A witty doctor?). Internship can be really exhausting but the fun part is (oh, there IS a FUN part?), even before it gets over you feel you are ready to be the boss. It helps a lot.

The high school girl; 17 yrs.
Discipline- Arts

Dumb that I am, I never thought my friends can be actually right when they talked about ‘internship’. But I just discovered. It is so much of fun altogether. I wait for classes to end and then I walk in to the office which is in the next block. I get thrilled with the look of the newly printed papers, smell of printing ink, Betty’s smiling face, the creative content to be written for tomorrow’s paper. Everything is exciting about an internship and try yourself, you will know better (Thank you so much). And yes, I got this new nail paint and this dress from the stipend I got.

A graduate: 22 yrs.
Discipline- BBA

Frankly speaking I always sucked at studies and have never enjoyed anything related to it ever. But some great man had once said- ‘an internship can change your life’ (Dud, now who is that?) I know now how to relate theory and practical together. I gained self-confidence, I don’t hesitate talking to strangers, I am much more aware of my personality traits and of all I feel I am ready for life. My immediate boss in the internship was extremely helpful, knew his business well and was an amazing human being (Luck by chance? Or this is how they mostly are?).

A mother; 47 yrs.
Occupation- House wife

Oh God, he hardly gets time to sit with me and talk properly. This internship after college work is taking away all his time. In our time… But I heard Mrs. Bhatia bragging about her son’s bagging one of the best internship certificates recently. So even he should do it. Must be very important (Yes aunty, if Mrs. Bhatia says then it has to be).

A recruiter; 46 yrs.
Post- Sr. Executive officer

Walk in to any interview and the first question that you get to hear these days is- ‘So how many internships you got with you?’ And the answer they expect is not less than 3 (Tell me it is a lie). So I believe for a successful career, the mast to one’s dream can only be a record of proper internships along with proper degree/s. An internship is the only platform where you can get tremendous exposure and learn through a rigorous process of experiments and real life experiences. So go grab every opportunity you get and consider yourself lucky for being the ‘chosen one’.

The Boss; 51 yrs.

Interns? Oh yes, they are really necessary for a company to run successfully. Dedicated, committed, hard working by nature (Dear boss, they are so cost effective as well eh?) these interns add a lot to the company’s growth and it is always fun to have fresh ideas and creative minds around to transform ordinary ideas into extraordinary ones. I completely entertain this new trend and welcome it whole-heartedly.


Interviewing the above people was my work as an intern. Deciding if it is fun or not is something I leave completely on you.

P.S. The ‘wide-eyed’ intern will soon be back because she just loves it when it’s the end of the month and all her works are over. *winks*