Cold-War 1: Interns and Employees

The smart moves of smarter interns:

- The Intern:Unpaid yet most active in the office.
Indicating: (I know much more than you can ever imagine to, so chill!).

- The Intern: same shirt and shoes with a wry smile on face.
Indicating: (Nothing is too expensive and unaffordable but I just happen to be extraordinarily simple)

- The Intern: Always failing to meet the deadline till Saturday comes for rescue.
Indicating: (As if I give a deal about your big block calendar. What you dismiss as procrastination I term it ‘stress management’)

- The Intern: Always looks busy.
Indicating: (Attitude matters buddy, and who knows that more than me!)

- The intern: Wide-eyed, curious, scratching head, biting pen and always enthusiastic, trying to prove- ‘o god am SO enjoying every bit of this’.
Indicating: (Grab yourself a life man, ‘Looks are always deceptive’)

- The intern: In awe of his immediate boss.
Indicating: (I was told to watch out for geeks bearing formulae so awe suits me best when it comes to you)

- The intern: Trucked with lots of - ‘oh yes absolutely’, ‘yes yes it’s interesting’, ‘yes, great idea’, ‘Oh yes, I agree completely’.
Indicating: (I need money and you better term it as ‘salary’ immediately)

- The intern: Sees it all, hears it all and knows it all yet is always silent and discreet.
Indicating: (I am silently warning you with the sheepish smile – ‘Come mess with me’)

- The intern: Dashing past corridors and moving intermittently throughout the office with the utmost urgency.
Indicating: (I have a lot of important shit to do, so get out of my way. Thinking- Why doesn’t the boss see me right away?)

- The intern: Messed hair, wrinkled forehead, limp hands, and an expression signalling disintegration of the body any moment.
Indicating: (High time you understand that I have been working incessantly so now, allow me to leave)

P.S. It is always fun to be an intern because you think the world is blind and you are the one bestowed with all THE sight. But the sweet-bitter fact is, ‘Boss bhi kabhi intern tha/ thi’ (whatever).

- RIYANKA (Intern actually)

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