Got that ‘funky-ethnic’ touch in you? Intern as a Fashion Designer!

It must be a constant stress to worry about ‘what to wear’ after opening your closet every day? You stand gaping at it for hours infinite? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about dressing for college? Something funky, punky, colorful? or something which is street smart? Let me be a little helpful here. A combination of blue mixed with green, or yellow with red or more vibrant colors mixed with proper accessories can become a fashion statement and trust me would do enough justice to kill the early morning blues of a hectic week. Most fashion columns and magazines say more about color, different style and designs, hit among the mass but then they are mostly unaffordable for us .Mix matching is an art, and it is not in the hands of many to create amazing designs out of random wardrobe stuffs yet simple ideas can create real buzz in the campus.

Well many of us are guided by the fashion designs which we see our Bollywood and Hollywood actors sporting out there. Nothing abnormal. It happens. They are trend-setters but what if the magic wand is in your hand? Bollywood and Hollywood is an inspiration. Those intrinsically designed lehangas, classy churidars, sarees , skirts, gown , dresses, and many other designs which come out from designers work becomes fashion statements and we all tend to follow it. Both Hollywood and Bollywood are known for creating amazing designs and decors, which ranges from classy , traditional patterns to funky , fashionable trendy wear.

Don't we feel at times what if we could design our own clothing and accessories? What if we could become a trend setter instead of a follower? Well, I can assure you that it is not a very difficult task. If you have some knowledge of colors, different styles and interest you can be a designer. For many, fashion designing is a lucrative career option and needless to say, fashion industry is a flourishing and happening industry for now and will remain so for the coming years. A combination of effort, hard work and interest can give you fame and name so come on, an internship in fashion designing wont do much harm. Give it a shot! Try something new.


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