Hear an intern’s honest confession and words of gratitude in simple realistic style.

Placed by Placement

Sitting, chatting, gossiping,
I used to cherish my lazy time.
Surrounded by my pals and best of buddies,
Wading away from all worries,
I cherished my idle time.

Café was our hot spot and
Life tasted complete wth flavored” chai” ,
Mixed with spice and” masala” from the campus.
Happening and careless, sitting and sleeping in the class
I cherished every minute of all that.

I was least bothered, I was least caring
But had to wake up from the sleep.
Placement Cell of college did the rest of it.
I was placed a position, I was given a designation.
Placement cell placed my career at a height.


N.B. Unnecessary bunking, sleeping in class, i-pod in the ear during a heated lecture, unfinished syllabus, making the canteen of the college as a permanent address in the working hours can be SERIOUSLY injurious to health.

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