The art of speaking the same thing in different ways

Alert: Shameless warnings against an internship which intends only to teach you a lot. Work work work alone, can make the interns a dull lot.

I Learnt a lot as an intern but what I learnt the most is the Art of speaking the same thing in different ways over and over again, yet not get tired.

‘Not all who wander are lost’ and I firmly believed the same before I decided to be an intern in a marketing company to accelerate my career. But now I don’t wander anymore, I am simply Lost. Since hours I have been sitting in a meeting. The topics have already been discussed infinite number of times. Six bored faces, one talkative guy. The pompous ass! We have been talking the same issues with different words and sentences since four hours. The agenda of the meeting is long lost but meandering discussions never cease to be. It is difficult and strenuous to keep your eyes open but you will have to show interest even if all you can think about is to dump everything, go home, take the pillow and ensure yourself a good night’s sleep. The talking never stops.

The guy sitting next to me is scribbling on a paper, making cartoons, drawing national flag, chewing the butt end of the pencil and am sure is feeling all brutal urges to bring a dead end for the chatter box. Same here! The girl across the table is deafened by the on-going noise. All three of us are interns- lost, confused and totally harassed. ‘I want to sell my idea’ so how do I go about it? Let’s begin by eating the peaceful brains of the peace-loving interns. ‘I am convinced already Sir, so spare me the trouble of this unnecessary hazard.’

Every time my boss looks at me, I will have to pass that smile of total understanding, interest, eye-full of curiosity and vigor. Hungry till the pit of your stomach you need to force yourself to take notes even after knowing that you can frame the same sentences much better than your boss. Yet, the man is known for his approach towards marketing and guess this is it all about.

Moral: Want to be the Next Marketing dude of the world? Speak, speak, speak non-sense till your mouth gets dry and your audience drop dead. It is only this unique art form that can make the door either shut on your face or open it for you once and for all.

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