Interview blues!

I was so nervous the first time I was to give an interview. I sat there waiting in the reception area of an elite office. The environment was new and uncomfortable. Thinking about the heavy breakfast I had been forced to eat by my mom, hoping there isn’t anything stuck in my teeth! The reoccurring thought was what if I freeze and end up saying nothing? Am I wearing the right clothes? You know what they say the first impression is the last impression! Then another thought stuck me, do I have enough copies of my resume? Did I forget to carry my passport photographs?
Well if anyone goes in for an interview like me, a nervous wreck then it is but obvious that you’re not going to get a job!
So I thought of some guidelines which might be of some help here -
1. Mostly all jobs involve a face-to-face interaction, so make sure you are confident and learn to communicate effectively. Do your homework about your potential new employer beforehand.
2. Always try to anticipate likely questions and think of valid answer’s. Do look at the company's website to find out all you can about them. Prepare yourself to ask your interviewer questions too; those obviously should be meaningful! It actually shows that you’re interested, well-informed and intelligent.
3. First impressions are vitally important, especially your appearance, even if the employer has a relaxed dress code. So make sure you're smartly dressed, be neat and clean. Especially for the girls, hair should be tied back neatly, nails should be well manicured, and preferably little make-up should be applied and no bold pieces of jewelry should be worn. This will show how much importance you give the company and the position on offer.
4. Never be late, instead be15 minutes early so you can relax, check your appearance and read any notes you may have written earlier. Go through corporate literature on display, and you can even chat with the receptionist - both can be vital sources of information about the company.
5. Make sure you know the interviewer's name and position in the company.
6.On meeting your interviewer, smile, greet them respectfully, make good eye contact and deliver a firm handshake - it will all help you feel confident and will give them the impression that you’re a strong, resourceful character.
7. Always be prepared to give a detailed verbal account of your background (they'll be testing your communication skills). Don’t make vague statements, be specific. Don’t hurry, think clearly - and take all the time you need to deliver your information concisely, smoothly and logically.
8. Place particular emphasis on your recent experience and skills relevant to the job on offer.
9. Always listen carefully and if you don’t understand a question, ask the interviewer to repeat or clarify it. You can also carry a small note pad.
10. If you don't know the answer to any question, just say so and don't be afraid to make it a point of discussion, giving you the chance to turn matters to your advantage.
11. Always be positive, and wherever possible, give positive responses to questions asked, beyond a simple "yes" or "no".
12. Before the interview ends, make sure that you have mentioned all of your relevant experience.
13. If you feel your interviewer may not have covered everything in their questioning you can always try to summarize your understanding of you understood and what they’re looking for so that you can get their agreement or clarification where it might seem necessary.
14. If you are still keen on the position at the end of the interview, reinforce this before you leave. Ask the interviewer about what happens next, when a decision will be made?
15. Most importantly, ALWAYS thank them for seeing you!
Well eventually all my experiences helped me to finally get a job, so hoping all of you out there remember these do and don’ts. All the best!

- Tanya Paul

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