Dare to be different!

‘You don’t work, you don’t study, you don’t behave, you don’t understand and you don’t…. etc. etc. etc.’ Everyday the same old story of getting accused and getting blamed. What is your mistake if you see the face of Romeo in the picture of Elvis Priestley? Not really any! Where is the fault if Alpha sign reminds you of the music band and Anglo-American literature makes you hum Beatles all the time? How are you to be hollered up if the history of Catholicism makes you yawn and instead Sexual Revolution is where your interests lie? In your imaginary brain you picture Mahatma Gandhi with a cap on his head and shades on his eyes and believe rose could have looked better if painted black. The thrones of the flower appeal you more than the petals and the fragrance. To you algebra is nothing but a disorder stemming from alphabets and Philip Larkin is a pervert. Where are you to be blamed if Nazism seems to be the only solution to you for a corrupted society and what can you do if you see a Hitler on the face of your lecturer?

Well do not get traumatized if you have any possible signs as described above. You really are not to be blamed for any of it. This is a boon and not a curse. Very few dares to dream and think ‘out of the box’ and what you are engaging in is exercising your brain a little differently from others. To think different is a daring act and you should know the exact way to derive optimum usage from that. You are blessed! So choose for yourself a blessed career. Become a trend setter and explore ways to discover yourself once again. Buried by the hegemonies of a society that preaches only the mantra of ‘ways to achieve fame and money within a year of your career’ somewhere creativity gets obliterated. Prevent the saga from happening in your life. Don’t submit yourself to a life of ‘living up to other’s expectations’. It is your life so live it as a master. Forge into opportunities, delve inside your heart, listen to the mute desires and allow your dreams to get their wings and survive in fresh air. Life does not begin and end in the brackets of being a doctor, an engineer, a MBA or a lawyer. There are much more beyond all these labels and do justice to your life if your interests don’t lie in the above mentioned titles and tags.
Some great man once said- ‘A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night. You need happiness inside to feel beauty when in utter despair.’


  1. Elvis Priestly? Who is that?

  2. Being different may be boon or curse. Different people are little bit insane and cynosure. Sometimes this may go wrong and sometimes this out of box thinking leads to a great invention.

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